Background: Logica wanted to increase productivity and move to a new way of working.

The Media Solution: Since a lot of cues for the working style were from the golden age of manufacturing, we decided to launch a revolution, 'The Industrial Revolution'. For one week, staff at Logica were greeted by workers dressed in overalls and hard hats, holding placards that hinted at the messages the CEO wanted to convey. The same day, a mannequin on a platform was placed at the entrance, similar to how union leaders would give speeches. Volunteers got the staff to sign up for a revolution. Throughout the week we drew inspiration from different industries and explained how we were adopting techniques to increase productivity.

What makes the idea special? A winner?: Employees were intrigued about the revolution and by getting them to sign up, we created buzz among them. The CEO initially intended on a 6 month campaign to drive the message across. When the line managers met with their team, everyone was already clued in to what was expected of them and the new style of working.

Results: One week long 'Revolution' achieve what the CEO had planned to do over 6 months. No further communication or campaigns were necessary.

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