Silver for Direct Mailer - Self Promotion

Background: TCG Communications Pvt. Ltd. an ad agency, and its events division The Red Circle Events & Entertainments were merging into one new entity - FREETHINKERS. We wanted to tell our clients about our new name.

The Solution: A telegram says urgent. So we sent an actual telegram to our clients, telling them the agency expired, and asking them to call for more information.

What makes the idea special: Instead of the usual announcement communication, a telegram created a sense of urgency and curious anxiety leaving clients wondering whether we were shutting down. They called immediately and were relieved to know that we would still be handling their business only through a new avatar - FREETHINKERS. It also created an opportunity for us to tell clients about our new philosophy.

Results: Instant calls from our clients with an invitation to come by and present our new way of thinking and working.